Sunday, September 20, 2015

That time Sir Stirling Moss signed two fans' cars "just because" [& I was there] - Historics @ Lime Rock Park 2015

Nestled deep in the hills of Connecticut lies a fantastic track, one worthy of much more attention and praise than it regularly garners. With a car-guy father and family friends who own/operate a race team that calls Lime Rock their “home track,” I’ve been going to the Road Racing Center of the East my entire life, but it was just this year that I became a volunteer at the place that holds many of my oldest car-related memories.
The Historics Festival is the park’s biggest weekend of the year, with events ranging from a Concours-style car show to full-on vintage racing. It’s a spectacle to say the least, and one that I’d call “mandatory” to witness at least once if you live in the region.
Continue after the jump for pictures and stories from a great weekend.

Due to a wedding I could only be there Sunday and Monday of the long weekend, but I managed to snap a few pictures from my various volunteer spots. One such post between the uphill and downhill, selling much-needed water bottles to park-goers, a spot where all of the cars exited after the Sunday’s show; here I found myself not most mesmerized by the sights, but rather by the sounds of eighty-years worth of vintage, classic, sports, muscle, exotic, racing, and show cars idling and intermittently revving as they left. Needless to say, it was a great spot to be. Anyways, on to the pictures [all taken on a Galaxy S6, some have been cropped but none have been edited otherwise]:
First and foremost, the pictures below are of Sir Stirling Moss himself signing two Minis “simply because someone asked” [that was the legitimate explanation, not even joking]. It’s quite a sight to see one of the most famous drivers in history, an 85-year-old man who has a super-limited-edition Mercedes supercar named after him, signing a fan’s car for no other reason than they asked him to. And no, he didn’t get paid to do it.

On to the rest...

“Which Corvette is best Corvette?” This 427 certainly made a case for itself...if for no other reason than it hadn’t been modified distastefully.

The sign above the French invasion below is fairly inappropriate...

...and totally appropriate above this ACR:


Obligatory end-of-weekend parting shot of my Challenger by the skidpad:

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