Friday, July 19, 2013

Bear Mountain Cruise Night 7/17/13 Coverage

Seeing as this was my first time at the Bear Mountain Cruise Night, I'm not one to talk...but this is a shout-out to any and every car fan within reasonable driving distance of Bear Mountain in Tompkin's Cove (across from Peekskill), specifically those who are free on Wednesday nights between 6-9pm during the summer months.  That's right, I'm talking to you: if you fit this demographic, you NEED to come to the Bear Mountain Cruise Night.  The expanse of vehicles is astonishing, the owners all friendly and willing to talk, and the crowd in attendance staggeringly large.  With cars, enthusiasts, and spectators representing every decade from the 1930s to today, it's a show that is absolutely worth making the drive for.  With the perfect formula comes the perfect summer night recipe: cars of every kind + great people + beautiful backdrop = a great, automotive-infused event.  The Cruise Nights run all summer (weather permitting) and attract what is truly a great crowd of both cars and car fans.  It's the kind of event where you go once and immediately want to go back, already thinking about where you want to start your walk-around of the show green when you get there next time.  Oh, and the roads to the park are as equally rewarding, as if you needed more incentive.  I'll be there next Wednesday, will you?

- Ross, 7/19/13