Friday, October 5, 2012

Holden announces 25th Anniversary Edition HSV GTS

Source: TopSpeed
Holden Special Vehicles is Australia's equivalent to our AMG, ///M, SVT, SRT, or any other acronym-named in-house performance tuning brand you can think of.  They modify cars like the Commodore to be pavement-crushing powerhouses and within the next year we'll get our own version of the Commodore as the Chevrolet SS here in the States.  Unfortunately, it's doubtful that we will get the range-topping HSV version, but for those Aussies lucky enough, Holden's HSV is celebrating its 25th birthday by doing a 140 unit run of the special-edition 25th Anniversary Edition HSV GTS (15 of which are destined for New Zealand).

Source: TopSpeed

Although there is no power increase over the "regular" GTS, the limited edition HSV still utilizes the engine straight out of the Corvette, so think of it as a practical, slightly over-weight Vette from the Land Down Under.  Holden is equipping the Anniversary Edition with added features like lightweight wheels, cooling ducts behind the front fender, "Vector" hood vents, Bluetooth, LED's, beefed up brakes, and perhaps most importantly, a dual-mode exhaust to hear the LS3 roar.

Prayers are out to the Car Gods that Chevrolet builds a higher-performance model of the SS for us when it reaches our shores next year.

- Ross, 10/5/12

All photo credit to TopSpeed

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